Space Dream VR

About the Free Demo

The Space Dream VR Demo immerses you in a stunning work of art, a celestial world that pulses with life.

Abandoning traditional gameplay for a purely aesthetic experience, the Space Dream VR  Demo interfaces with your music; pulsating to frequencies of sound.

It is currently available for the HTC Vive, Oculus CV1, and Non-VR standard Desktop 

  • Space Dream VR Demo - Space Whales


  • Virtual Reality & Desktop Modes

    If you don't own a Virtual Reality Headset, that's ok!
    Space Dream VR has been designed for both VR & Standard Desktop Modes, providing you with two alternate perspectives of the same game.

  • Extremely High Detail

    The Demo has Trillions of blades of grass, a six-hundred-thousand particle galaxy, and ultra detailed textures on every surface.

    Space Dream never loses detail no matter how close you get to objects!

  • Custom Music Visualization!

    Space Dream VR listens to your music playing in background applications and makes the environment around you vibrate with life!

  • Anti-Motion Sickness

    With Teleportation and Free-Fly Modes, your experience can be tailored to the strength of your stomach! No need to feel sick in this game!

  • Realtime Benchmark

    There is no need to waste time customizing your graphics setting in this game. The computer does it for you based on how well your game is performing!

  • Galaxy Tour

    Get taken on a ride through the cosmos without the needing to control your movements.

  • Space Dream VR - Planet
  • Space Dream VR - Rover
  • Space Dream VR - Hangar
  • Space Dream VR - Space Ship
  • Space Dream VR - Cryosleep

What am I supposed to be doing in Space Dream?

For those who have not yet experienced Virtual Reality, it can be difficult to answer this question.

Space Dream VR should not be compared to a standard video game as it is more like a technological drug trip, or an interactive movie rather than a game.

The gameplay is designed for those with an appreciation of artwork and music. Gameplay is minimal, but does involve elements such as driving a vehicle and accomplishing various tasks that bring you to new locations.

Although it is not an action packed objective-based-game, Space Dream VR has made numerous people cry from the emotional intensity of the experience.

If you are unsure if this game is for you, why not try the free demo and find out?

  • Space Dream VR - Forest Dinosaur
  • Space Dream VR - Forest Plants
  • Space Dream VR - Forest Pillars


VR Hardware Support

Space Dream VR has been developed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gamepad, Keyboard and Non-VR Desktop Modes.

What are the Minimum Hardware Requirements?

GPU: NVIDIA 1060, NVIDIA 980, AMD Radeon 290X or equivalent.

CPU: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz.


Operating System: Windows 7 64-Bit

When will Space Dream VR be released?

Because Space Dream VR is being developed by only a one person, a specific release date is not feasible.

Large companies usually employ more workers when needed to make sure that games are released on time, but as a one-man-studio, this cannot be done.

Rather than overpromise and underdeliver on release dates, the Author has chosen to estimate the release date in a period of months not days. Space Dream VR is expected to be released before September 2017.

  • Space Dream VR - Ocean Shark
  • Space Dream VR - Deep Sea
  • Space Dream VR - Ocean Fish
  • Space Dream VR - Ocean Gate
  • Space Dream VR - Ocean Dinosaur
  • Space Dream VR - Ocean Detail


As Space Dream VR is being developed by only one person, the quality of the gane can be greatly improved upon with financial assistance. A minimum of $2000 of the profits made from Pre-orders will be invested back into the game, creating the best experience possible for you.

By Pre-ordering, you will also receive the full copy of Space Dream VR 2 weeks before the official release date.

Full Release coming 2017

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About the Author

My Name is Justin Davis, and as a one man Studio, I was responsible for creating the entirety of Space Dream VR. I was the producer, 3D Artist, Animator, Musician & Programmer, and have been developing the game for 8 months so far. This would not be possible without the amazing generosity of my sponsor, BAC Family Investments.

I must also thank Ed Khoo for his amazing voice acting skills, as he has greatly improved the audial quality of the game.

As someone who passionately loves God, my business model is entirely centred around helping those in poverty. It is my dream that the profits generated by Space Dream could be used to create a company that can provide support for the third-world Aboriginal children of Australia.

The concept behind Space Dream VR has been my passion and lifeblood for over 2 years, and I am thrilled to finally bring it to fulfillment.