Due to a series of complications with the Unreal Engine, the latest update has taken a while to complete, but I have just successfully upgraded the engine to the latest version (4.18), which will solve a number of issues with the game.

  • The inability to use the 'Backspace' and button within the VR music browser has been fixed (Enter Button is still broken)
  • The intro Room and Tutorial have also been updated with a brand new Voice Actor
  • Flying mode in VR is now controlled through rocket thrusters I have attached to your hands
  • Thumbsticks & Thumbpads now have digital sensitivity instead of analogue
  • The menu system has had a complete overhaul as seen below:

New User Interface

All of these updates can be expected to be integrated to the Space Dream VR Demo within the coming week (unless an unforeseeable bug prevents me from doing so)

In other news, I now have a qualified programmer to aid me in the improvement of stability for the music visualization plugin, so this will solve the crashing of the game for many people.


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