Update 1.04 Released

Hey everyone!

The latest update to the Space Dream Demo has been released.

This update contains quite a few key features, including a polished introductory tutorial, an in-game VR Web browser for playing music, and an auto-save of the quality settings you choose. Although it has been a month since the last update, these two features will greatly improve enjoyment and ease-of-use (especially for non-gamers).

Tutorial Room

There have also been a couple of artistic improvements for the whale and the particle systems. I've also added firefly particles around the trees, and added specs of dust that whoosh past you when you fly through space to give an enhanced feeling of speed and direction.


I have also improved the whale's material, and added dynamic animation for the whale's eye. He now looks at you when you get close to him, and he also opens his mouth and wriggles his tongue.

Improved Whale

There has also been a major change in the circumstance of the Music Visualization plugin, as Space Dream will now no longer be integrating Red Pill VR at this stage. There has been a breakdown of communication between me and the company, so I have had no choice but to work on my own music visualization code, and potentially partner with them in the future depending on whether circumstances change.

There are still a few flaws I recently noticed with this update which I will seek to address this in the next few days, such as

  • No ceiling collision for the tutorial (some players may fly out of the zone)
  • Flickering when the player rotates in VR
  • Sun collision
  • Improved torch brightness levels
  • The whales don't swim properly on Desktop Mode
  • Steam download is currently broken

I hope you enjoy the latest Demo, and please let me know if you have any input that you'd like me to address.

If you would like to download the latest version, please Click Here


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