Hey everyone!

Update 1.06 is now Live on the Oculus Store.

I skipped the announcement of 1.05 as there weren't enough major changes to justify getting anyone excited; just some important bug fixes.

The following are the changes for version 1.06:

  • VR Rotation now auto-aligns with where you face when changing areas.
  • Improved torch
  • Improved object collision
  • Prevented rotation flickering
  • Added Extra Teleportation sphere that takes the player to the galaxy.
  • Minor artwork improvements such as adding more particles and improving textures.
  • Fixed numerous Tutorial Bugs
  • Fixed the ‘Switch to VR’ Button.
  • Control Hints not showing after switched to Desktop

Version 1.06 is currently live on the Oculus Store, & Steam, and will soon be approved by the Viveport.


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