Update 1.07 is finally live! Not only does it remove two major stability issues, but the performance has had a great increase!

Update Changes

  • Completely Redesigned Menu System
  • VR Controllers use Rocket Propulsion for flying movement
  • Vastly improved performance and stability
  • Tutorial now has an improved Female Voice
  • Improved Galaxy Tour
  • Added a Music Browser to Desktop Mode’s Menu
  • Controller thumbsticks are now digital instead of analogue
  • Xbox Controller usage bug fixed
  • Planet Rings are now made of thousands of real asteroids
  • Numerous bug fixes & visual improvements

The framework is now 95% complete, so receiving any feedback regarding this latest Demo would be extremely beneficial to my progress.

There are a few things that I plan on completing before working on other levels.

  • I plan on adding the ability to choose the playback and recording devices; both for listening to the game, and also for the music visualization effects.
  • I will hire a programmer to provide me with the ability to use Flash in the game’s web browser; so that people can use Google play, Spotify, and many other music based websites.
  • I will get the Enter button working in the VR Music Browser
  • I will prevent the Web browser from continuing to play music after the game closes.

After these final issues are resolved, you can expect the Beta version of the full game to start being sent out to volunteer testers.


  • Mat

    Any chance of SDvr on Go? Even if only as a video with Carmack’s 5k encoding? 😀

  • alecz

    Great work!
    Would love to experience Scobot’s VR environments on your platform!
    Will the users be able to import environments as well, or only music?

    Keep going!

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