Installation Instructions

1.) Run the Install File

To Install, simply run the SpaceDream Demo Setup file and install to the chosen location.

The simply run the SpaceDreamVR Demo shortcut that was created in your start menu and/or desktop.

Optionally Play Some Music

Before running the Demo, you can optionally Play some of your own music from any source on your computer. 

Space Dream automatically detect the music that is playing and apply Music Visualization effects within the game. However, it is recommended that you do not play any external music during your first time playing Space Dream, as it may interfere with the tutorial sequence.



If you are in Virtual Reality, you can learn the controls by playing the tutorial. To do this, press the menu button, and then select "Run Tutorial" from the menu.

If you are using Desktop Mode with either the Keyboard or Gamepad, you can view the controls by accessing the menu by pressing escape, and then clicking on the "Controls" Tab. 




Stuck in the Wrong Mode (VR or Desktop PC)

If the Demo is stuck in the Desktop/VR mode, you can the following keyboard shortcuts to force it to switch to the designated mode.

 "P" + "C" - Switch to Desktop Mode (No VR)

"V" + "R" - Switch to VR Mode.


No Sound or Music Visualization

If you are having trouble getting the Music Visualization aspect of the game working, please check that the program you are playing music on and the SpaceDreamVR Demo are both using the same Audio Playback Device.

You can check this by right clicking the Sound Toolbar on the bottom right of your Desktop, and click on Playback Devices.

Open Playback Devices Dialogue Box

 Make sure that you have your chosen speakers or headphones set to the "Default Audio Device". To do this, simply select your chosen audio device, and press "Make Default"

Select Playback Device


SpaceDream VR is Crashing

If Space Dream is crashing, it may be due to a 3rd party audio driver that is set to your default sound device.

If you own Virtual Surround Sound or any other non-stereo Drivers, please disable them and try re-running the game.

If the game continues to crash, and you do not believe it is a hardware problem, please contact me at with the full details and I will help you where I can.